Completely secure transport of specialised items

DYNAMIC DEMENAGEMENTS offers its clientele its know-how in terms of transport, dismantling and reassembly of specialised items, such as pianos, safes, works of art, etc.

To this end, we partner with Swiss Post and music shops for deliveries of a variety of parcels and musical instruments.

Among the items regularly transported by DYNAMIC DEMENAGEMENTS, you will find kitchens as well as pallets of goods.

DYNAMIC DEMENAGEMENTS shares with you the expertise its has acquired during the course of its various commissions and partnerships.

DYNAMIC DEMENAGEMENTS will be pleased to work with you to draw up a free quote for your specific transport needs.

DYNAMIC DEMENAGEMENTS receives the goods for you, then checks and sorts them, delivers them on the desired date and unpacks them so that your fitters have only to install them.

Our business works with kitchen designers in the region:
  • Zermatten Kitchens, Conthey
  • Prodi Kithchens, St-Pierre-de-Clages
  • Sanval, Martigny